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Our Services

We can help with a number of issues through positive reinforcement training using various rewards. All of our training is customised to the individual dog and the needs of the owners to achieve the best results we can, we also believe in giving you the knowledge and ability to continue any training so that you can continue to understand and live with your dog.

Some of the issues we can help with:

  • General bad behaviour

  • Lead walking

  • Recall training

  • Puppy training

  • Biting/aggression problems

  • Separation anxiety

  • Chewing/destructive behaviour

  • Socialisation issues

  • Lots of minor problematic behaviours such as jumping up

We can also provide training to enrich your dog, ask us about:

  • Gundog training​

  • Scent training

  • Tracking

  • Basic protection work

All of our services below include a free 15 minute consultation by phone so we can advise on the most suitable package.


Please contact us first to book your consultation


Online Support

Some issues may require simple guidance or circumstances may mean online advice is the best option.

Included is around 30 minutes of contact by phone or video call, then at least 30 minutes to prepare your personalised report and training plan.

We can support video calls by Zoom, MS teams, Whatsapp and facetime



People and dogs

Multi-Session Booking

Multiple sessions may be beneficial for any number of reasons, for example to implement and reinforce a training plan or for continuation training. 

Book any number of one 2 one sessions with us and the rate is discounted.

Every multi-session booking includes personalised training reports as well as free online or over the phone support between booked sessions.



Dog giving a high five

One 2 One Home Visit

We visit your house or outside venue as needed. This is ideal for more simple issues, teaching new behaviours or behavioural reports. 


Included is around 45-60 minutes of one 2 one in person training, then at least 30 minutes to prepare your personalised report and training plan.




Puppy Package

Our package for puppies and new owners to help get the best possible start for you and your puppy. 

We will take you through the important steps in your puppies development and put in place the foundations to help prevent future problems.

Our package includes an initial 2 hours worth of one 2 one consultation with a training plan sent to you, then a follow up 1 hour consultation as your puppy grows. We also include free online or over the phone support between sessions. 



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